Hello my name is Holger Stridde. I studied information technology and worked for some years as administrator of middleware systems. I’m firm in Linux OS, my favorite distribution is RHEL/CentOS. As Administrator I had had control over an infrastructure consisting  of

  • (Bea) Oracle Weblogic and JBoss Application Server. On this Java Based Infrastructure the most important and so most used applications ran.
  • My favorite webserver Apache with its different modules. Used as reverse proxy, header manipulation, URL rewriting, as well as a simple webserver.

Nowadays I take care of projects providing services on these platforms as well as on other technologies in the web environment.

Personally I’m interested in web technologies and the development of the internet. To make my own contribution I plan to turn my ideas into reality and share my knowledge in this blog with you.

These might be my personal projects as well as projects I do  for my independent business or projects I do for a customer (if I am allowed to speak about it).

At the moment I don’t intend to update the blog in predefined intervals but I will add interesting content as soon as it comes to my mind and my spare time allows me to write about it.

If you got interested in my work and want to hire me as consultant, project manager, or as trainer for an interesting project don’t hesitate to send me a mail over the contact form.

More Information about me you can find on Xing or LinkedIn.